Happy New Year Day.

Happy New Year
The New Year is a national holiday celebrated on January 1st, the first day of the New Year, according to the Gregorian calendar and the Julian calendar. These end-of-year celebrations are often marked by fireworks, parades and reflections from the past year, as we examine the possibilities of the future. Many people celebrate the New Year with their loved ones by incorporating traditions that will bring happiness and success next year.

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Many cultures celebrate this happy day in a unique way. In general, the traditions and traditions of happy new year include celebrating with champagne and a variety of dishes. The New Year marks a date of happiness found and a clean slate. For many people celebrating the New Year, this is an opportunity to learn from the past year and make positive changes in their lives.

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Holiday story of the new year
The New Year is one of the oldest holidays to be celebrated, but the exact date and nature of the celebrations have changed over time. She was born thousands of years ago in ancient Babylon, celebrated on the first day of spring, eleven days.

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During this time, many cultures have used the cycle of the sun and the moon to define the “first” day of the year. Only when Julio César introduced the Julian calendar did Jan. 1 become the ordinary day of celebration. The content of the celebrations was also different. While the first celebrations were pagan and celebrated the cycles of the earth, the Christian tradition celebrates the feast of the circumcision of Christ on New Year’s Day. Catholics also often celebrate the solemnity of Our Lady, a feast in honor of Mary. In the twentieth century, however, the holiday became a separate celebration and was largely separated from the usual connection with religion. It has become a holiday more associated with nationality, relationships and.

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. introspection than a religious celebration, although many people follow the oldest traditions.

market story

A new type of ankle bandage is popular on the market. They look great when used on the feet. Their connections are associated with the flexibility that the pajib does not have the size of the individual, the feet in which they are of the same color.

In the neighborhood you can see the same barefoot side. One wore it and the other wore it too. This way, it’s hard to see.

Our Munni also stated that Babuji will use Pajebs. Say goodbye to four years old and use pyjebs.

I said, how are you?

The appointment uses how she uses Sheila.

I said, well, good.

Offer, I’m just going to rob you today.

I said, good brother today, it’s okay.

At that time, Munni had some kind of work. But when Mother loved Muni’s love that afternoon, Munni did not feel comfortable believing it.

The Buddha left Munni and took him on his knees and said that if she is good, then he will take his pajib abkay suvar.

He came here on a Sunday and brought Pajib. There is a lot of hair here and there with the Munni. He went to Rukman and said, “Look, Rukman, Mary Pajib.” Sheila also showed her pijib. She saw how everyone wore pajb, loved and appreciated it. In fact, these two or three silver-white warriors wrapped around their ankles seemed to be calm, very handsome, and there was no room for the child’s happiness.

And our mother, Ashutosh, Muni’s older brother, was very happy to see Munni first. He took his hand and took his beautiful Munni to show Pajab. Munni’s goddess, Pazeb, knew her well. He laughed and laughed, but after a while he started singing that Munni had a side, so we also took a biocill.

Bua said that the good son will give you a biisical for his birthday.

Ashutosh Babu said we are going to take it now.

Bua says, ‘Shi-shi, are you a girl? Zid is made by girls. And the girls cry. Where do the people of Babu Sahib cry? ”

Ashutosh Babu said we would definitely be celebrating a birthday of Biceculine every day.

Bua said yes, this has been confirmed, it will be bicecular on the day of his birth.

In this way, Sunday will be full of laughter and happiness. In the afternoon, the children left the house. Pajeb’s hobby was long gone. They took it back and put it away; It can not be lost anywhere. Pazeb did a good job and it was expensive.

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Mrs.ji told us: why is it so good, seems good, should I do it myself?

I said why not who is four?

Well, it happened. But was I at my office at night when the lady came and said you did not see Pajib?

I wonder what that means.

Look at the appointment, is there not in the corner? We are, but we do not get the other leg. Where did you go

Where am I going Here, look somewhere. You will get

They started removing the papers from my desk and also showed the cover of the Allamari books.

I said, what are you doing? Where does he come from here?

In response, he began to ask me, where is it?

I said you saved him. Where was he placed?

It was said that after 2:00 pm they were fine at 2:00 pm and kept them in the box below. Now you see one, the second is missing.

I said, how are you in this room after this walk? It must have been forgotten. You must be ready, you must leave the ground somewhere. Look, you will find it. I can not go anywhere

On that, said the lady – began to hear that you are. Be careless, blame the opposite. I say he kept both of them in detention.

I said I saved it, why did I look here? Remove the place where they were stored. If this is not the case, someone must be removed.

The lady said I think that will happen too. That does not happen, the Bansi servant has been expelled. I kept it, so it was there.

I said, so I asked?

He said he rejects clearly.

Did I say then?

Speak aloud, what should I say? There is nothing to be afraid of. Why do not you say bad words? He certainly took Pajib with him.

I said, what should I say? Tell me brother

Shrimati shouted that everything had happened to you. They made the servant of the maid a witch. Tadle, if the servant does not make such a head, what will happen?

I said someone took it out of the box. And from fifteen to fifteen years old it’s a Bansi. Do not listen, that’s all.

I said I asked Bansi. He did not know what to do.

About that lady said you do not know the servants. These are large footprints. The thief of Bansi is defined. Are you son