Happy New Year Day.

Happy New Year
The New Year is a national holiday celebrated on January 1st, the first day of the New Year, according to the Gregorian calendar and the Julian calendar. These end-of-year celebrations are often marked by fireworks, parades and reflections from the past year, as we examine the possibilities of the future. Many people celebrate the New Year with their loved ones by incorporating traditions that will bring happiness and success next year.

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Many cultures celebrate this happy day in a unique way. In general, the traditions and traditions of happy new year include celebrating with champagne and a variety of dishes. The New Year marks a date of happiness found and a clean slate. For many people celebrating the New Year, this is an opportunity to learn from the past year and make positive changes in their lives.

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Holiday story of the new year
The New Year is one of the oldest holidays to be celebrated, but the exact date and nature of the celebrations have changed over time. She was born thousands of years ago in ancient Babylon, celebrated on the first day of spring, eleven days.

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During this time, many cultures have used the cycle of the sun and the moon to define the “first” day of the year. Only when Julio César introduced the Julian calendar did Jan. 1 become the ordinary day of celebration. The content of the celebrations was also different. While the first celebrations were pagan and celebrated the cycles of the earth, the Christian tradition celebrates the feast of the circumcision of Christ on New Year’s Day. Catholics also often celebrate the solemnity of Our Lady, a feast in honor of Mary. In the twentieth century, however, the holiday became a separate celebration and was largely separated from the usual connection with religion. It has become a holiday more associated with nationality, relationships and.

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. introspection than a religious celebration, although many people follow the oldest traditions.

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